photolithography processing system solutions for markets such as

semiconductor, MEMS, nanotechnology and flat-panel display.


Osiris International is a manufacturer of machines specializing in photolithographic
process equipment used in semiconductor and microsystems (MEMS) technology.

The main application areas for surface treatment of wafers, substrates or masks are the following processing applications;

photoresist spin & spray coating, developing, baking,
wet cleaning, post CMP clean, etching, stripping & lift-off and
temporary bonding & debonding.

Depending on customer requirements, the handling is adapted for round wafers or square substrates (Si, glass or masks). The use of in-house, developed chucks, inlays or end-effectors supports the processing and handling of customer-specific substrates in a targeted manner, thus guaranteeing optimal process success.

In addition to the production of our machines, which range from laboratory systems to semi-automatic and fully automatic systems, we also offer subsystems such as PR dispense systems (Pumps, Syringe or CPD) and media supply cabinets with various canister designs. We supply our technologies worldwide to major semiconductor manufacturers and internationally renowned research and development institutions.

In addition to our headquarter in Germany, which covers all areas of administration, production and development, there is a foreign branch office Osiris International Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona especially for our US customers.