photolithography processing systems


used in industries such as semiconductors, medical and biomedical, micro OLED, microsystems (MEMS), glass and optical components.



Osiris International is a manufacturer of machines specializing in photolithographic process equipment used in semiconductor and microsystems (MEMS) technology.

All of our systems are designed exclusively for processing single substrates and are equipped with our in-house, user-friendly control panel with all the necessary features such as recipe programming, service, maintenance and user management.

Depending on customer requirements, the wafer handling is adapted for traditional silicon wafers or advanced compound semiconductor substrates (Si, SiC, GaAs, glass, a.o.). 

The use of proprietary chucks, inlays and end-effectors allows for the processing and handling of customer-specific substrates in a targeted manner, thus guaranteeing optimal results.

Our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing teams work together to customize and quickly implement technically demanding and complex customer requirements.

In addition to the production of our machines, which range from manual laboratory systems to fully automated cluster systems, we also offer components (e.g. chucks, end-effectors) and sub-systems (e.g. dispense systems, media supply cabinets with various canister designs).

We supply our technologies worldwide to major semiconductor manufacturers and internationally renowned research and development institutions.

Since 2021, Osiris International GmbH have been majority-owned by LAB14, a wholly owned subsidiary of RSBG SE, the holding company of the RAG Foundation, one of Germany's largest foundations under private law.

LAB14 primarily invests in companies whose products and services are playing a significant role in new and advanced technologies in micro- and Nanofabrication.

Lab14 Group fosters synergies and similarities in market segments between its group-companies in its portfolio to generate a competitive and technological advantage over other players in the field.

Our application areas

Products range from
bench mounted or table top R&D systems to automated
cassette to cassette
high volume production.

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